Scholarship Awards & Winners

Ilio DiPaolo Scholarship Awards Night
Winners Announced on May 21, 2018

2018 Ilio DiPaolo Scholarship Winners

These scholarships are awarded to individuals who excel in academics as well athletics, while contributing to their family and community.

This idea to create an Award and Scholarship in the name of Ilio DiPaolo was through the efforts of Bud Carpenter, Randy Ribbeck, Jim Kelly and the entire Buffalo Bills Organization. They felt that his strong belief in education, athletics and family were essential for success. Ilio also believed that as your success grew so should the support you give your community.

The first year we were fortunate to give (2) scholarships through the financial support of many friends, organizations, businesses and individuals we didn’t even know. Then came “Legends”, the idea of Mark Stone, to bring Pro Wrestling back to Buffalo in the name of Ilio DiPaolo raising over $350,000 for Children’s Hospital, Buffalo Police Athletic League, Hunters’ Hope and many other organizations.

The Scholarship Fund has also grown through the Annual Ilio DiPaolo’s Memorial Celebrity Golf Classic, the Hanes Supply Sports Nite and the Celebrity Chef Dinner as well as proceeds from the sale of Ilio DiPaolo’s brand products in local grocery stores.

A special recognition goes to all the people who have volunteered their time to make the “Scholarship Fund” a successful reality!


2018 Ilio DiPaolo Scholarship Award Winner:
Giuseppe Hoose
Southwestern High School
In honoring the memory and the high ideals of Ilio DiPaolo, we are proud to announce this award providing recognition and financial aid to this deserving college bound athlete, who has become an accomplished wrestler through dedication, skill and sportsmanship, while maintaining scholastics and citizenship.

*Giuseppe Hoose shown here with Dennis DiPaolo; Scholarship Committee Member & Presenter, Bob Breidenstein and Scholarship Fund President, Bud Carpenter


2018 Gary Castanza Award Winner:
Joseph Andreessen
Lancaster High School
The Gary Castanza Award is named after the legendary Martial Arts Sokie and owner of Universal Martial Arts Academy, Gary Castanza. He was revolutionary in his field, training police and security forces along with Green Berets. His audiovisual tapes were just the beginning and led to training NFL players. His endless support of charitable organizations and individuals showed his belief in community and family.

*Joseph Andreessen shown here with Scholarship Fund President, Bud Carpenter; Patrice Castanza, wife of Gary Castanza; Scholarship Committee Member & Presenter, Frank Nicotra


2018 “Destroyer” Wrestling Award:
Bryce Rowe
Chautauqua Lake High School
The “Destroyer” award is named after Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, Dick Beyer. Dick wrestled for and captained the Syracuse football team to their 1 st Bowl appearance. Recently inducted into the Greater Buffalo Hall Of Fame, his tireless and endless effort to support our community is legendary! The Destroyer still takes high school wrestlers back to Japan every summer to compete in the National Tournament. Ryan Needle, past award recipient, traveled in his early youth with the Destroyer to Japan.

*Top Photo: Scholarship Committee Member, Kiel Illg; Dick “The Destroyer” Beyer and his wife, Wilma Beyer (seated) with Jacob Peru (middle) donning his “Destroyer” mask.

Bottom Photo:  Dick Beyer giving Bryce Rowe his official “Destroyer” mask.




2018 Bill Hein Award Winner (Most Dedicated):
Anthony Robinson
Starpoint High School
The Dedicated Wrestler Award honors Bill Hein whose love and dedication to wrestling promoted our sport on all levels nationally and in our area. This award goes to a wrestler who displays that love and commitment to wrestling.

*Anthony Robinson accepting The Bill Hein Award from Dennis DiPaolo; Presenter & Scholarship Committee Member, Kiel Illg


2018 Cauliflower Alley Club Award:
Matthew Evans
Randolph Central High School
The Cauliflower Alley Club is an association of past, present and future champions, combatants and allied personages joining in celebration and recognition of fellowship within the wrestling world.

*Cauliflower Alley Award winner, Matthew Evans shown here with Presenter & Scholarship Committee Member, Ralph Pignataro and Dennis DiPaolo.



2018 Ilio DiPaolo Scholarship Winners
shown here with Mrs. Ethel DiPaolo; Dennis DiPaolo;
Scholarship Fund President, Bud Carpenter; 
Former Buffalo Bill, Ed Rutkowski &
Scholarship Committee Members



Special Guests at this year’s Event
included Buffalo Bills Players – Colton Schmidt,
Conor McDermott 
& Reed Ferguson
shown here with “The Destroyer”.






1996 – 2017

Ilio DiPaolo Award

1996  Greg Bentley (Ripley)
1997  David Guarino (Lake Shore)
1998  Ryan Bentley (Ripley)
1999  Greg Tompsett (Falconer)
2000  Brian Tatar (Sweet Home)
2001  Chris Purtell (Pioneer)
2002  Chris Terranova (Lancaster)
2003  Ryan Needle (Newfane)
2004  Joe Calderon (Eden)
2005  Kane H. Smith (Salamanaca)
2005  Matthew Mazgaj (Southwestern)
2006  Alexander Siedlecki (Clarence)
2007  Matt Mariacher (Iroquois)
2008  Christopher Conti (Fredonia)
2009  Jared Messina (Cheektowaga)
2010  Dominic Montesanti (Medina)
2011  Philip Czapla (East Aurora)
2012  Benjamin Haas (Salamanca)
2013  Drew Hull (Royalton-Hartland)
2014  Rocco Russo (Frontier)
2015  Tyler Hall (East Aurora)
2016  Kellen Devlin (Amherst)
2017  Jordan McLaughlin (Olean)

Gary Castanza Award

1997  Dan Dixon (Niagara-Wheatfield)
1998  Adam Kampff (East Aurora)
1999  Brian Hanselman (Sweet Home)
2000  Robert Truman (Allegany-Limestone)
2001  Michael Sebaaly (Lancaster)
2002  Dan Faden (Amherst)
2003  Jamie Minner (Salamanca)
2004  Bradley Penhollow (Falconer)
2005  Mike Rozbowski (St. Joseph’s)
2006  Jamie Ott (East Aurora)
2007  Jacob Koshinski (Niagara-Wheatfield)
2008  Matt Metzler (Salamanca)
2009  Carlene Sluberski (Fredonia)
2010  Kyle Colling (Pioneer)
2011  Abdulqawi Mohamed (Lackawanna)
2012  Thomas Page (Eden)
2013  Christian Saden (Fredonia)
2014  Alexander Smythe (Eden)
2015  Alexander Kelly (Pine Valley)
2016  Ryan Hetrick (Maple Grove)
2017  Connor Day (Iroquois)

Bill Hein Award

1998  Chris Fairbank (Southwestern)
1999  Andy Johnson (Southwestern)
2000  Joseph Glinsky (Iroquois)
2001  Dan Uderitz (Albion)
2002  Ryan Feltz (Springville)
2003  Daniel Murrer (Williamsville East)
2004  Brandon Monin (Lancaster)
2005  Errick Cholewa (Starpointe)
2006  Michael Bunn (Eden)
2007  John Taylor (Lockport)
2008  Mark Lewandowski(Lancaster)
2009  Matthew Peters(East Aurora)
2010  Joseph Kalinka (Iroquois)
2011  Adam Donner (Niagara-Wheatfield)
2012  Anthony Lock (Pioneer)
2013  Jude Gardner, Jr. (Fredonia)
2014  Rocco Russo (Frontier)
2015  Donny McCoy, Jr. (Niagara Falls)
2016  Bradley Bihler (Maple Grove)
2017  Matthew Cicco (Niagara-Wheatfield)


1997  Josh States (Lockport)
1998  Rashad Evans (Niagara-Wheatfield)
1999  Ryan Fralick (Falconer)
2000  Bill Prince (Frewsberg)
2001  Victor Arena (Salamanca)
2002  J.R. Roberts (Medina)
2003  William Sidey (Fredonia)
2004  Kevin Rosplock (Cassadaga Valley)
2005  Justin Walp (Lewiston-Porter)
2006  Daniel Audy (Clarence)
2007  Salvatore Montesanti, Jr. (Medina)
2008  Robin Broda (Eden)
2009  Kenneth Betts (Fredonia)
2010  Angelo Malvestuto (Niagara-Wheatfield)
2011  Irwin Buck (Niagara Falls)
2012  James Kloc (Iroquois)
2013  Eric Lewandowski (Lancaster)
2014  Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer (Cheektowaga)
2015  Cody McGregor (Tonawanda)
2016  Dakota Gardner (Fredonia)
2017  Jacob Peru (Falconer)

Cauliflower Alley Award

1996  Alonzo Roane (Niagara Falls)
1997  Anthony Calandra (Sweet Home)
1998  Adam Brunner (Clarence)
1998  Sean Deland (Williamsville East)
1998  Joe DeBarbieri (Portville)
1998  John DeBarbieri (Portville)
1999  Dan Thrush (Canisius)
2000  Adam Rowe (Ripley)
2001  Brandon Booker (St. Francis)
2002  Derek Ostrowski (Lancaster)
2003  Larry Aceti (Niagara Falls)
2004  Jeremy Stopa (Newfane)
2005  Stephen Sanderson (North Tonawanda)
2006  Reece & Lucas Mariacher (Iroquois)
2007  Tom Rozborski (St. Joseph’s)
2008  Eric Velez (Medina)
2009  Clayton Reeb(Cheektowaga)
2010  James Donner (Niagara-Wheatfield)
2011  Dylan Duncanson (Medina)
2012  Tristan Hamner (Medina)
2013  Anthony Liberatore (Williamsville South)
2014  Marshall Taylor (Lockport)
2015  Kirkland Feeney (Lockport)
2016  Cameron Swick (Royalton-Hartland)
2017  Steven Kapuscinski (Lockport)

St. Francis Captain's Award

1996  Peter Talty
1997  Robert Crummet
1998  Dan Puckhaber
1999  Nathaniel Suchyna
2000  Michael Radon
2001  William Seychew
2002  Adam Hass
2003  John Lambert
2004  Ralph Pignataro
2005  Nick MacDonald
2006  Pat Garvin
2007  Luke Tasker
2008  Delano Fabor
2009  Brandon McLean
2010  Adam Pasnik
2011  Akheel Lynch
2012  Jarrett Dolegala
2013  Jake Dolegala
2014  Nick Weikle
2015  Johnathan Strawbrich
2016  Devan Delmont
2017  Dawson Tyger

Tom Sestak & Tom Day Lineman Award

2007  Matt Brennan (Maryvale)
2008  Corey Balcerzak (Lockport)
2009  John Urshel (Canisius)
2010  Anthony Sanders (McKinley)
2011  Mike Morganstern (Cheektowaga)
2012  Ryan Hunter (Canisius)
2013  Phil Zobrest (Alden)
2014  T.J. Wheatley (Canisius)
2015  Jake Fuzak (Williamsville South)
2016  Nate Emer (Iroquois)
2017  Jeremiah Sanders (South Park)